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Social Media Habits You Should Avoid When Getting A Divorce!

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Social media is a platform where we stay connected with friends and family, update people on life events, and express our views and opinions. People can post multiple times a day and nobody thinks twice, so why is it important to avoid certain normal social media habits during your divorce?

Social Media Platforms Are Not As Private As You Think.

We have come to believe that if a person is not your “friend” on social media they are unable to see your account. That is simply not true. Individuals with technological means have  ways of accessing posts that you intended to be private. Additionally, your social media posts can be requested by a judge or an attorney if they believe it will be relevant in any legal proceedings.

Poor Social Media Choices Can Hurt Your Case.

Some divorces are not amicable, and even if your divorce is amicable, social media can be used against you to either lessen your monetary claims, attack your credibility in custody matters, or show that you have hostility towards your spouse. For these reasons, it is crucial to be aware of your social media activity during a divorce.

Things To Avoid Posting:

  • Allowing friends and family to post about your divorce
  • Ranting about your case, attorneys, expectations, or spouse
  • Images of excessive drinking or partying
  • Liking memes or funny pictures depicting negative views on marriage
  • Posting videos or pictures of your kids doing activities that your spouse would not approve
  • Radical or lavish purchases
  • Your location or vacations you’ve taken

So What Can You Post?

Divorces can sometimes take months to years, and not posting on social media for that extension of time can seem an unimaginable task, so what is okay to post? Well, if you find that you need to post during your divorce, keep the posts simple , light, and positive. Post updates about kids, extended family, or maybe congratulate a friend on their new job. The key is to not post anything negative or potentially damaging to your image during your divorce proceedings.

Divorces can be daunting, so it is important to try and make the process as easy as possible. One way achieve this is to avoid social media; another is to have a qualified attorney. Since divorces are so unique and individualized, it is crucial to have an attorney guide you through this difficult and trying time by offering advice and guidance on your divorce, so you can focus on yourself and your family.

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