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Family, Business & Personal Injury Attorney Irving, Texas

Family, Business & Personal Injury Attorney Irving, TXThe need for an attorney always comes at the worst time. Whether you’re dealing with a recent personal injury, getting a divorce, or handling a bidding dispute at work, hiring the right attorney can help. The Cox Law Firm provides the top attorneys in Irving, Texas, for any situation!

Business Litigation Attorneys

As a local business, you’ll find yourself facing off against competitors all the time. On occasion, you’ll need to hire a business litigation attorney in Irving to oversee business takeovers, execute key strategies, and handle the day-to-day legalities of running an enterprise.

Construction Attorneys

The construction industry can be cutthroat at times. With an experienced construction attorney overseeing bids and negotiations, you’ll be better off as a business. Let the Cox Law Firm handle your construction legal needs.

Expert Divorce Attorneys

If life isn’t going your way and you need to file for divorce, the right attorney can make the whole process easier on everyone. Let the Cox Law Firm be your attorney through a divorce, and we’ll ensure a favorable outcome for all.

New Business Formation Attorneys

Opening a new business is rife with challenges. You’ll need a business formation attorney by your side to help you through the piles of paperwork. We’ll be there for you!

About Irving

Irving, just to the northwest of Dallas, has positioned itself as an artistic and cultural capital of Texas. With countless art exhibitions, outdoor installations, and theater products available each year, Irving is on the map!

For today’s top attorneys in Irving, Texas, call the Cox Law Firm. You can reach us at 817-860-9200!

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