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Family, Business & Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Family Business Personal Injury Attorney Dallas TXIf you could go your entire life without hiring an attorney, you would. But accidents occur everyday, and if you’ve been injured in the workplace or another place of business, you’ll need an experienced attorney in Dallas, Texas.

If that time comes, make sure you hire the best. Call The Cox Law Firm for representation today!

Business Litigation Attorneys

A local business in any industry will find competitors around every corner. With an experienced business litigation attorney on your side, those challenges will diminish. We proudly help companies like yours execute critical strategies and handle the legalities of running a corporation of any size.

Construction Attorneys

The construction industry is always changing and growing. As a local business owner, you’ll face bid disputes and negotiation crises that will threaten to shut you down.

An experienced construction attorney in Dallas is the solution. Let us help you overcome construction legalities and troubles in the coming days.

Expert Divorce Attorneys

When a relationship comes to an end, ensure you have the right attorney to oversee the coming changes. In a divorce, there are financials and family matters to consider, including custody and property ownership. Our expert divorce attorneys will help you achieve a reasonable and positive outcome.

New Business Formation Attorneys

When you have a fantastic idea for a business, you’ll do everything in your power to protect your plans. The first step is to hire a new business formation attorney in Dallas. We’ll help you overcome the challenges of forming a new company in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

About Dallas

Dallas is known far and wide as the modern metropolis of Texas. It is a commercial and cultural hub, with the Arts District and Crow Collection of Asian Art featured prominently in the city.

Call Cox Law Firm at 817-860-9200. We are the top attorneys serving Dallas’ residents and local businesses alike.

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