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Injured While Shopping: The Next Steps!

 In Personal Injury

No one plans for their day out shopping to end with an injury, but it can happen. If you were out enjoying your day and it resulted in an injury, please see below to learn what steps you should take.

  1. Take care of yourself

If you are injured, seek immediate medical assistance. Your safety should be your and the store’s top priority.

  1. Talk to someone in charge

Even if you are not sure how badly you are injured, insist on talking to someone in charge, either a store owner or manager. It is important that they become aware of the incident. They may need to document the accident for insurance purposes.

  1. Document everything

Make sure you document what happened. This means taking pictures of the scene, taking names and numbers of any and all witnesses (including employees), documenting any security cameras that could have seen the incident, and trying to write down (when time allows) what happened prior to the incident and all of the details about the incident.

  1. Keep everything

A lot of paperwork comes with injuries, including correspondences, pharmacy receipts, doctor’s bills, and leave slips from work. It is important to keep all your documents related to your accident. Create a folder or binder to organize and hold all of this documentation. Even if you are unsure whether a document is important, keep it.

  1. Get Help

The best way to figure out if you have a valid claim for compensation is to seek advice from a board-certified attorney. Steve Pierret will walk through the incident with you to figure out your best options.

If you have been injured, you deserve the next steps to be easy. Contact Steve here.

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